Echoes --- Barnes & Noble Cafe, November 2007
  Echoes Reflected in Nature Dawn brings waterfowl and the reflection of metal-clad tall buildings onto the mirror surface of Lake Merritt in the center of Oakland California. In the first sun, the birds swim, pause or dip for fish, and create ever-changing patterns from reflected bands of silver, white and golden light. The patterns echo on the lake. An egret stands in a web of jazz-like ripples. Ducks and coots turn in golden wakes. A Canada Goose rests while vertical posts vibrate in the water. The photographs were made soon after sunrise over the course of several years. Adobe Photoshop is the digital darkroom where I crop and assure that the colors reproduce the original scene and emphasize the artistic beauty of the early morning encounter.
First Light-Barnes & Noble Cafe, January 2009
  Light is my paintbrush. When the sun first appears above the horizon it brings new life to water, branches, leaves, feathers as well as ice crystals. It tints each and creates strong forms from their shadows. A tree glows. Mist moves from the cool surface of a lake or settles between mountain foothills. Droplets of dew on a web sparkle through prisms of light.
Our Seasons
  Barnes and Noble Cafe, Burlington, Vermont
December 2005 through January 2006
With Respect to Water
  Barnes and Noble Cafe, Burlington, Vermont
November 2002